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Below is a short description of the most common lawn pest and diseases found in this area, with some pictures. If you see any of these signs in your lawn then do not hesitate to contact me immediately.

Mole Crickets

These insects live underground and eat the roots of your lawn. Damage will not be visible immediately and the lawn will initially turn yellowish. If left untreated, brown patches will appear, especially after mowing and the lawn will have a spongy feeling underfoot.

Example of Mole Cricket Damage


They eat the leaves and can eat large portions of the lawn overnight depending on the infestation. They only eat the green leaves and the lawn will look yellow/brown as a result.

Example of Caterpillar Damage


Strange patches appear on your lawn, some yellow and others darker. Fungi will cause substantial damage to your lawn if left untreated.

Example of fungi in lawns