Professional Lawn Treatment, Garden Maintenance and Irrigation services
082 320 1499
Mon – Fri : 8:00 -17:00

We provide ongoing property maintenance at a number of housing complexes as well as private residences in Rustenburg.

We only use petrol-driven equipment and there is no need for the client to supply electricity.  

We pride ourselves on quality and professional service, customer satisfaction is our main priority. 

Garden maintenance always includes the following items: 

  • Mowing and edging of lawns; 
  • Maintenance of flowerbeds and trimming of hedges; 
  • General cleaning and sweep / blow paved areas; 
  • Non-selective herbicide applied regularly for control of weeds on paving; 
  • Removal of resulting garden refuse e.g. lawn cuttings, weeds, leaves etc.

Additional services at complexes (depending on the requirement): 

  • Take out garbage bins for collection and cleaning of the bins / bin areas; 
  • Maintenance of sidewalk / pavement areas; 
  • Watering of gardens and lawns where possible/practical; 
  • Clearing of electric fences; 
  • Control of broadleaf weeds on lawns with selective herbicide.