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NOBODY expects good corn from unfed land. It is a matter of good gardening to feed the land heavily for all the vegetable crops. The lawn is too often neglected. Grass is a permanent crop and really needs richer feeding than many of the vegetable crops.

All LawnPro franchisees are trained at the Tshwane University of Technology as Turf Grass Management Specialists and registered at the Department of Agriculture as Pest Control operators.

The LawnPro service provides seasonal treatments of lawns to ensure that the lawn receives the appropriate nutrition at the right time and pests (insects and weeds) are controlled. Lawn problems such as poor soil conditions, inappropriate irrigation and mowing, climatic conditions etc. are analyzed to determine a lawn management program that will address these problems and ensure a lush and healthy lawn.

Services include:

  • Fertilization: season specific liquid and granular fertilizers;
  • Insect Control: control of general lawn insects such as crickets, ants, caterpillars and beetles;
  • Weed Control: all areas where weeds need to be eradicated / controlled e.g. lawns, driveways & parking areas etc.
  • Disease Control: control of fungal diseases on lawns such as dollar spot, anthracnose, brown patch and fairy rings.
  • Pest Control: includes eradication of pests e.g. mole crickets, termites and armyworm.

This is a franchised business of Lawn Chemicare  provided in Northwest Province, other services are provided in strategic areas. Visit their website at

Before Treatment

After Treatment